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ColorBlackSize12cm - 4.7inchDiameter4cm - 1.6inch.Type batteriesRechargeMaterialSilicone / ABS.Prostate stimulator with wireless remote controller. 2 Powerful motors. Stimulator and remote controller are rechargeable. Powerful motor located in the tip and offers 9 different patterns of vibration and rotation. Additional motor in the perineum stimulator. Three stimulation point. Waterproof. Rechargeable, USB-cable included.
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Експресна поръчка без регистрация

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This Swirling P-Pleaser has been designed for anal and prostate stimulation. With the longest, penis shaped end in the male ‘booty’, the shortest, ribbed end will stimulate the perineum. A special feature of the Swirling P-Pleaser is the ability to make rotation motions. The glans will make various rotating motions when the vibration modes are switched. The Swirling P-Pleaser is made of body safe silicone and has 2 powerful motors that offer 9 different vibration modes. This way the vibrations will spread well through the whole device and the tip rotation will stand out as an extra stimulation. The Swirling P-Pleaser can also work independently from the remote. Both the stimulator and the remote controller are rechargeable.

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