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Цена: 29.00лв.
Ergonomic shaped anal plug. Open wide tunnel plug. Finger and lube insertion. Color Black Size 6.5cm - 2.6inch Diameter 4.3cm - 1.7inch Gross weight 0.08 KG
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Експресна поръчка без регистрация

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The Open Wide Tunnel Plug by MenzStuff can provide completely new possibilities to anyone who likes to use a butt plug. It has an ergonomic smooth shape for easy insertion and gets wider towards the base. With a tunnel plug it is easy to insert lube a finger or a vibrator in the anus. The sensation of the anus being spread wide open with a tunnel plug is reported to be spectacular by those who love anal sex. The anchor at the base enhances the sense of security while using the tunnel plug.

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