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Начало Еротично Облекло Рокли & Бодита Секси боди едра мрежа изрязано Rio-Body and Stockings Set

Секси боди едра мрежа изрязано Rio-Body and Stockings Set

Цена: 50.00лв.
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This passionate set is made to seduce your partner. This set is made of a black elastic material with large round openings which shows your sexy body. The body has thin shoulder straps, is very high cut on the legs, and has a string back. The exciting set is complete with matching stockings that stay well in place by the silicone edge. The set is very comfortable due to the soft fabric and is suitable for sizes S to L. features: - Color: Black - Material: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane - Brand: Cottelli Collection - Size: One Size (S-L)
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