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Начало Презервативи Secura Red 1.000er-Beutel

Secura Red 1.000er-Beutel

Цена: 420.00лв.
With the 1000 pcs. bag of red condoms you are perfectly prepared for every sexual adventure. They come in a sensual red colour and are covered in lubricant. They also have a sensuous strawberry flavour. The smell of latex has been reduced to a minimum. Complete length 180 mm, nominal width 52 mm, 1000 condoms.трайност март 2024г.
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Sex Shop в Студентски Град


София, Студентски Град,  до входа на Фантастико, ул. Акад. Борис Стефанов 20 зад VIVACOM  Отворено всеки ден от 9:00 до 3:00 ч. след полунощ