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Начало Секс люлки RXfun Sex Harness СЕКС Люлка

RXfun Sex Harness СЕКС Люлка

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A new era of SM! Time to explore more sexual positions! This creative design allows you and your lover to liberate your passion and love through a variety of fun scenarios and body positions
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RXfun Sex Harness is made with soft and breathable materials, the product has a high quality craft and a durable design. In addition to being able to withstand the ferocity of protracted sex play, it can also effectively reduce men's energy depletion for male sexual prowess to last longer. Using high-quality fabric, sponge and PE material, while comfortable to wear, its toughness and uniqueness accommodates the taste for different sexual postures and positions. It is also able to bear weight up to 300 pounds and supports you and your lover's weight evenly, allowing both of you to easily reach the sexual position of your choice and experience a variety of bodily pleasures. Product Characteristic: - Adjustable design fits different sizes - Sexual body position harness - 2 adjustable thigh straps - Easy to grasp handle at chest - Soft and comfortable - Breathable materials - High quality - Durable - Can withstand prolonged sex play - Effectively reduces male energy loss - Evenly distributes user's weight - Experience different thrilling sexual positions - Free eye mask included Product Spec: - Can bear weight up to 300 pounds

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