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Начало Мъжки Sex Продукти Sex Кукли TopCop Chicago Sheila: with uniform

TopCop Chicago Sheila: with uniform

Цена: 78.00лв.
Inflatable Sex Blow Up Doll Police Topcop Chicago Sheila uniform included Inflatable Police Chicago Sheila Love Doll with Clothes, ideal for sexy jokes and stag party! Topcop Chicago Sheila Love Doll: inflatable doll policewoman, with three openings: the mouth, anus and vagina. Inflatable doll Chicago Sheila have also large breasts and she is equipped with all accessories: inflatable gun, policewoman cap, holster and jacket. Inflatable life-size love doll- 1.5 METERS Height Position- Standing love doll Height: 146 cm Material- Made out of non-toxic and phthalate-free Pvc 3 holes for maximum pleasure / Mouth, Ass and pussy Includes police uniform Colour: flesh Produced by NMC, this doll policewoman is non-toxic and phthalate-free.
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