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Your small vibro-bullet for lots of fun! Vibro-bullets are great! They can be used alone or with a partner – or even on the go! Insert this pink vibro-bullet into your intimate pleasure zone and turn on the vibrations using the button or the remote control. Enjoy this bullet on the way to work, in a cafe or a club etc. and let every single one of its 7 vibration patterns pleasure you. Why not give your partner the remote control and let them decide when you are allowed to enjoy the vibrations… Vibro-bullet 6.5 cm long, Ø 3.5 cm. Material: ABS with a PU coating.
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Експресна поръчка без регистрация

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Colour: black Size Length: 6,5 cm Diameter: 3,5 cm Weight: 105 g Packaging Width: 8.5 cm Height: 4 cm Length: 13.5 cm Batteries Batteries: 1 x LR23A 2 x N

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